Pancakes revisited

Just dropping in to update you on the buttermilk pancakes I made a while back.  In my post I mentioned that the original recipe made a giant stack, and I was going to freeze them for another time.  

Well today was that time.  I will admit I was a little skeptical about how my frozen pancakes would hold up in the toaster.  As they were toasting I kept reminding myself that Eggos are just frozen, previously cooked waffles — not to mention that they have their own version of pancakes now too!  

I had to flip them once, which I would have done with my Eggo waffles too, as I like them to be crispy.  But when they popped the second time I was impressed.  They were the perfect crispness, no burning, no frozen patches, and best of all not falling apart!!

I buttered them up and broke open my new bottle of PC 100% pure maple syrup and poured on some golden delight.  

Overall I think I liked these pancakes better as freezer pancakes than the original fresh from pan ones.  I’m not sure if that makes me crazy, but I guess they held up better and had a better crispness to them.  They also sucked up the butter and maple syrup like champs.  


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