Quick and Delicious Tilapia

I was looking for a quick dinner that would use only the things in my house.  I haven’t made fish in a while, and I knew we has tilapia in the deep freeze.  About a month or so ago, my hubby wanted to go to a chicken and fish diet, so I knew I had quite a few recipes already pinned.  I perused the many fish related pins, and decided to make Parmesan Pesto Fish.

I like cooking with fish because most of the recipes I’ve found contain very few ingredients.  This one is no different with only 4 necessary items!  My kinda meal 😉


We buy our frozen tilapia at Costco as you can get a large bag of around 10-12 pieces for $18 — and they are BIG individually wrapped pieces (key).  If I know I am going to be making this for dinner, I often pull out the amount I need (2-4) and put them in tepid water to thaw.  I read somewhere a while ago about thawing in water — not using hot or cold water, but a medium warmish works best.  I can normally thaw my fish in about 10 mins in tepid water — maybe changing water once.

Anyway, I digressed away from this recipe there — but whatever I can pass on to help others is kinda why I’m doing this.  Back to the job at hand.  This recipe is done completely under the broiler.  Line a cookie sheet with tin foil and spray with cooking spray.  I normally don’t own cooking spray, but a friend brought it over a while back and left it for me — so why not use it — am I right?!?!


Once I have thawed my fish using the above method, I cut open, rinse and pat dry.  I absolutely love that Costco individually wraps their fish (Sole, Halibut, Mahi Mahi, Tilapia) — it mades it super easy to thaw the right amount.  Again I digress.  After the fish is ready I placed them on the prepped tray and sprinkled with Parmesan.


Throw them in the oven under your broiler.  My oven has 2 broiler settings (Low and High).   I like using the Low setting as I can slowly broil without burning the top. I broil for about 10 mins checking to make sure it flakes nicely when I touch with fork — this is my way of testing done-ness.  When it begins to flake I pull it out.  Then take a spoonful of pesto and smear across baked fish.  I try to scoop out a spoonful for each before I smear so as not to contaminate the rest of the pesto.


Now you don’t have to — but I like to return the fish with the pesto back to the oven for about 2 mins just to finish it.  This is not in the original recipe, but I just felt like the pesto wasn’t done without a little heat.  After pulling out of oven sprinkle your chopped tomato over fish.


Serve with rice and some greens and you have a delicious, easy, quick meal.  I love the combination of flavours in this recipe, not too overpowering — just perfect!


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