Mustard — not just a condiment!

When I stumbled across todays recipe, I was completely taken back by the name — and had to check it out.  The original pinner called it “Holy Yum Chicken” — now how can you not be intrigued by this?  So I looked into it, and it looked fairly easy — and the main ingredient was mustard.  My hubby is a huge fan of mustard — so I thought sure I’d give it a try.  Here is my Mustard Chicken .. better known as Holy-Yum Chicken.

The original blogger has made some clear disclaimers about their recipe to clear up what I can only assume are some common problems people encounter when cooking this chicken. I tried my best to follow the recipe to a T — taking into account every disclaimer they state.

First things first — DOUBLE line your baking dish.  I emphasize the double as this seemed to be a key point in the recipe — according to it’s importance being highlighted in the disclaimer.


Next gather all of your ingredients.  I had a little distraction when I was trying to do this — but he was cute so I let him be.  Photo-bomb!!

IMG_7819     IMG_7820

In a smaller bowl, mix together mustard, maple syrup, rice vinegar, S&P.  I used 2T of the rice vinegar as I wanted it to be more tangy than sweet (as suggested in the notes section of the original blog).


Next place chicken in pre-lined baking dish and pour mixture overtop. Once again the original blogger stressed the use of a smaller baking dish vs a large 9×13.  Her point was that the sauce is to cover and coat the chicken while cooking — if the pan is larger than there would not be the proper ratio of sauce to chicken and it would not be as succulent when finished.

IMG_7822     IMG_7823

Toss in the oven for 40-ish mins.  Let stand for 5 mins before moving chicken to plate.  DO NOT throw away the liquid as you need to use it to make sauce. To thicken, whisk in 1T of cornstarch.  Now I almost always fail at thickening sauces with cornstarch – never adding enough and then adding too much.  I found it hard to whisk it together without getting caught on the foil, but eventually it worked.


Pour your sauce over your chicken, and sprinkle with rosemary.  Serve alongside potatoes or rice and a side of veggie.


I loved the taste of the chicken and sauce, especially the pieces with the rosemary.  Although there are a lot of disclaimers which might scare people away — it was a fairly easy recipe to make and if you follow her steps it turns out amazing!


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