Monsters Monsters Everywhere!!!

I believe this is one of the original things I pinned when I first started my Pinterest account EONS ago!  When I first found this pin, I thought to myself, “self — you could easily make these.”  All I need is to take a trip to the dollar store, grab the supplies and I could do it relatively cheap.  It only took me about a year to actually get to it.  Here are my Rock Monster Magnets!

I was able to get all the supplies I needed from the local Dollarama, which made this pin relatively inexpensive — which is a giant Pro!


Start by pulling out rocks that are as flat and smooth as possible.  I found that my bunch of rocks wasn’t the best — but when I bought them (about a year ago), I didn’t really look at the bag to ensure I had a good selection.  So beware!  Next time I make them I will spend more time looking through the bags to get the best bang for my buck!

Once you have your selection picked out — time to paint!


Now again — all of my supplies came from the dollar store, so the paint is not the highest quality paint.  This being said, I had to paint my rocks several times to ensure it was a solid coat and no rock colour was showing through.  And for those of your wondering — no I did not paint the back!  I thought about it for a while — but when I weighed the pros/cons of painting the entire rock — it just wasn’t worthwhile.

Once my rocks were entirely painted and dry, it was time to add my faces.  I used the original blog for ideas, as she has a ton of different facial expressions!   I did actually paint my faces on, whereas the original blogger used a permanent marker.

IMG_7846Once my mouths were painted — I added white for the teeth.  In some cases this meant going back over with black to touch up, but oh well.


 I used crazy glue to adhere my googly eyes.  This is where the shape of your rock matters.  If the rock was too round, I found that the eye would not adhere well, as it would stick up in spots.  Sometimes this was easily remedied by using smaller eyes, other times it meant repositioning. In one case I tried really hard to use one large eye on a rock that just didn’t want it, and it lifted the paint right off and I had to repaint the rock! But that was 1 out of 15 — can’t really complain!!


Now because I used crazy glue, which dries shiny — and the paint I used was a dull finish, it meant I had to shellac the entire lot.  This wasn’t necessarily a bad things — but if I didn’t already have the shellac from another pin, this would have been an unnecessary expense.  When the shellac was dry, I used a hot glue gun to add the final piece — the magnet!


Sometimes I get a little over-excited when I finish a pin, because I am so proud of how they turned out.  When I finally finished these guys — I was over the top excited!!!  They turned out so great, better than I ever anticipated.   I decided to break them up into 3  batches of 5, as my husband pointed out that we don’t need 15 magnets for our fridge!

IMG_8144     IMG_8143     IMG_8142

** Update ** I loved them so much that I recently went to the dollar store and purchased more supplies to make another batch.  This time I intend on doing some pastels I think!


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