Apple Cinnamon Loaf

I am not normally one to make loaves, as I tend to mess them up somehow, but this week when I was looking around my kitchen and then on Pinterest I found what looked like an amazing recipe.  So I decided to give it a shot and here is me taking a chance on Apple Bread.


I liked this recipe as it seemed pretty straight-forward.  For some reason, as stated above, I have a hard time making loaves that actually taste or look good.  Who knows what I have done in the past to screw it up (repeatedly), but this one looked pretty easy. Oh and did I mention I had everything in the house already — no need to run to the store for any last minute/odd ingredients!! SCORE.

First thing to do is make the cinnamon/sugar mix that will be sprinkled over the apples in layers.  In side bowl combine brown sugar and cinnamon — a fork works well for making sure there are no clumps!!

IMG_7781    IMG_7782

Next in another bowl cut your butter and sugar together. This time I was smart and pulled the butter out of the fridge early to soften!!  Next mix in eggs and vanilla.

IMG_7783     IMG_7784

Finally add dry ingredients and milk.  Mix together well.  So far so good — this didn’t really seem so bad!

IMG_7785     IMG_7786

Make sure your have your apples cut up into smaller chunks.  I cut them up here instead of at the beginning — not that it really matters!


This is where things started to get iffy.  The recipe states to POUR batter into loaf pan, but my batter seemed rather thick.  It would not/could not pour in any manner.  Instead I scooped a layer of batter into loaf pan and smoothed it out.  Then topped with a layer of apples, and then a layer of cinnamon/sugar mix.

IMG_7790    IMG_7791


Repeat this step (batter, apples and sugar mix).  Push apples and sugar mix into batter on top layer to ensure an even cook.


Even though it seemed a little thick, it looked pretty decent before I baked it.  I threw it into the oven for 50 mins. In my oven this was the perfect amount of time, as my toothpick came out batter-free.  Now was the moment of truth!!!  Was it going to be good?


YES … yes it was!  It was absolutely amazing!  I loved it, as did my husband.  I really liked the layer of apples and cinnamon vs being throughout, although this made it difficult to eat (the bread breaks apart at layer).  I would highly recommend this easy, delicious apple bread recipe!!!


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