Fluffy Yummy Pancakes

I had some buttermilk still leftover from a recipe and since it was Saturday morning, I thought they might make some yummy pancakes.  So I hunted around on Pinterest for a pancake recipe that would use up the rest of the buttermilk and not require me to buy anything new.  Here is the one that fit the bill, my rendition of “Perfect” Buttermilk Pancakes.  This recipe seemed pretty straightforward with only a few ingredients!  I like those kind.


First step — Combine all dry ingredients in medium bowl.  In a separate container mix buttermilk, egg and melted butter.

IMG_7753     IMG_7755

Pour wet into dry and slowly stir until it is combined well.  Let it sit for a few minutes to let it fluff up!


While it is sitting, add butter to pan.  Now normally I don’t use oil or butter to cook my pancakes, but I was trying to follow the recipe.


I used a 1/3C measure and scooped batter into the buttered frying pan.  After a few minutes, when the batter was beginning to bubble through and the pancake was golden brown I flipped.   My result (of using butter in my pan) wear flat, oily pancakes — NOT what buttermilk pancakes are supposed to look like.

IMG_7760    IMG_7761

So because they weren’t turning out as I hoped — I prepped a second pan and tried it my way (no butter).  Once the pan was hot (I test with a few drops of water, when they sizzle in the pan it is perfect temp), I dropped in some batter.

IMG_7762     IMG_7764

I could instantly see better results — it maintained a rounded shape, was fluffy and bubbled nicely.  Once it was golden brown I flipped and had a perfectly cooked pancake.


This recipe made quite a few pancakes, and as the original blogger suggested, I put the extras in the freezer for another time.


A giant stack of delicious fluffy great pancakes.  For my first attempt, and taste, of buttermilk pancakes they turned out fabulous!!!


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