Easy Greens and Chicken

We went to Costco earlier this week, and I bought a bag of spinach.  To be honest I didn’t have any idea what I was going to make with it, I just knew I wanted to use it.  So I hit the search button once again — this time chicken and spinach.  What I found was Garlic Parmesan Chicken.


With my giant bag of spinach, and fresh chicken, I was ready to go.  In frying pan melt the butter and sauté the garlic.   After a few minutes, when the kitchen smells with the aroma of garlic, add in the diced chicken. Cook until browned.

IMG_7732     IMG_7733

Sprinkle cheese on top, and stir until coated.  I noticed that there was still a lot of liquid in the pan, but I left it to (hopefully) simmer off. Finally I added in the spinach.

IMG_7734     IMG_7735

Now I had a special helper in the kitchen while I made this.  My husband helped me for the last step as my little one was fussing.  Stir the spinach as it wilts, making sure to coat with cheese and mix around the chicken.


It was here that I noticed, and my husband commented, that the liquid accumulation was actually worsening.  If I made this again, I would probably drain some of the liquid before adding the spinach, as spinach tends to make its own.


Overall, a super easy meal that tastes good over pasta (or rice).  The chicken and spinach had great flavour in contrast to the noodles. Topped with a little more parmesan!


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