Love is in the Air

Valentines Day is coming! Although we don’t celebrate it in our house, as it is viewed as strictly a Hallmark-money grab kind of holiday, I thought I would make some love/heart based crafts anyway.  The craft I did this week is loosely based on this Button Heart On Canvas.


Most of these things came from the dollar store (not the glue gun of course), but I had a hard time finding felt.  Every time I went they were sold out – so while I was at Walmart one day I discovered a package of 5 different colours of adhesive on one side felt.  This was a bonus as it 1) saved time on mounting felt to board, and 2) gave me felt for other crafts  (all for $4)

I liked the idea of making a heart out of buttons, but I didn’t really want to do the work of painting black and white lines on my canvas.  I did however have to do one coat of white paint to ‘seal’ the canvas and make it easier to work on.  This took time to dry.


I opted to change it up a bit by x-naying stripes for a more basic background (white) and a saying of my own. Now I did slightly cheat — as I drew lines with a ruler and wrote the words with pencil first before hand painting them on.  I figured I wasn’t going to get a whole lot of chances with painting the words — so try to get them as close to perfect the first time as possible.  I later erased the pencil that was still visible, and no one would have been the wiser (if I didn’t otherwise confess it here).


And of course don’t forget to add the felt heart!


Now was the time consuming part — hot gluing the buttons.  I will admit — I burnt my fingers on the glue several times while trying to place them just right.  I admit to being a little amateur with the hot glue gun (even after several crafts).  Start with a base of buttons, trying to cover as close to the outside as possible before filling in.  This is where I burnt myself a lot — trying to push buttons into place before the glue dried!


Once I had my base — I was able to layer up my heart to make it more 3-D and awesome.  I  just kept layering until I couldn’t see anymore red felt below.


Now all that is left is to frame it, which I still have to do weeks later, but in time!


Voila!  You will always have my ❤ art!


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