Dog Treats — gone wrong.

So I wanted to make some new healthy treats for the pups again .. and this one seemed overly simple, so why not.  Here is my attempt at Sweet Potato Dog Treats.

I had to run out to grab sweet potato baby food — as I haven’t been making mine yet, but the rest of the things were in our pantry.


My problem with this pin has nothing to do with the pin itself .. but my lack of mind when I was making them.  I had a million things on my mind this day — and I managed to completely screw up the recipe.  So although I completely massacred this recipe — here is what it turned out like.


So here is where I messed up — yep on the 1st step.  I mixed EVERYTHING together when I wasn’t supposed to, which caused my many problems throughout the rest of this pin. So if you want to do it right  — you would put everything BUT the egg in a bowl and mix together.


I found that the dough was really really sticky .. I kept adding in more flour to make it less sticky, but it never seemed to work.  Flour a surface, knead the dough and then roll it out.  Check it out — I bought myself a REAL rolling pin!!!


Due to the stickiness — I had to flour the rolling pin (repeatedly) and adding flour to my working surface.  Even as I was cutting with cookie cutters I had a difficult time pulling them up.  I would also recommend for this recipe to find a smaller cookie cutter!


I used my dog bone cutter and then placed them on a pre-lined cookie sheet.


This is where I realized that I had messed up my pin.  The next step would have been to paint an egg glaze over the biscuits.  Finally bake them for 25-30 mins.  As my treats were really thin, I baked them for 20 mins .. until the edges were browned.


Even though I didn’t make them according to the recipe .. the dogs still LOVED them and within the week they were gone.  I might revisit this recipe, maybe with my homemade baby food, and actually follow accordingly.


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