Bananas and Blueberries by the Loaf :)

So I actually started back to my challenge of a pin a day, but like before I have been pressed for time.  This means that although I actually do the pin, I can’t post about it right away.  I’m not exactly sure how I can get these things posted earlier, so I hope that you can bare with me as I get them up when I can.

Without further ado — Here is my first post-holiday pin.  Sticking with the theme of Monday being Sweets & Treats day, this week I looked around to see what I had to use up.  The Superstore had blueberries on sale earlier in the week, which I had picked up, not to mention the bananas that desperately needed to be used up. I did a search on pinterest and found these delights — Buttermilk, Banana, Blueberry Bread.

After some special shopping — mainly for buttermilk (something I never use), I started my baking!


I normally don’t choose to make loaves, as typically we don’t eat them before they go bad, but I wanted to stay true to the recipe.  Once again — the recipe uses a stand mixer, which if you have read any of my posts I don’t own.

Step 1 – mix all dry ingredients together.  Step 2 – cream sugar with butter.  For this step, I used an old-fashioned mixing tool — that most people probably wouldn’t know existed (jokes).

IMG_7631     IMG_7632

Creaming the butter would have worked better if it was soft, so for next time I would probably melt it a little in the microwave.   Next mix in eggs, buttermilk and vanilla (which I actually didn’t have so I skipped).   Although I skipped the vanilla step, I didn’t really notice that much of a difference – as in I didn’t miss the flavour.  Once mixed together, add banana.  As I was hand mixing this vs with a stand mixer — next time I would probably mash the banana before mixing it in.

IMG_7633     IMG_7635

Gradually add in the flour mixture until it is well combined, and finally fold in blueberries.  I used a full pint vs whatever the recipe said, as we LOVE blueberries in this house.

IMG_7636     IMG_7637

I easily split the mixture between 2 loaf pans, and baked for about 40 mins.  The recipe called for a bake time of 30-35 mins, but my toothpicks just kept coming out with batter.  This will vary by oven, but I found that even after 40 mins they still could have used about 5 or so more mins.


As I used tin foil pans, I was easily able to pop the loaves out, and cool on rack.  I would recommend leaving them in the pan though until cooled, as my loaves kinda sagged (could have been due to not being 100% cooked though).


All in all they turned out deliciously moist, and wonderful.  I think I taste-tested 3 pieces the first day — hee hee oops.


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