Easy Breezy Chili Mac & Cheese

I was looking for something simple, and quick while prepping for the holidays.  The website this pin comes from is FANTASTIC. You will soon be seeing a lot of this site, as I can’t get enough of the recipes on it. So here is my One Pot Chili Mac and Cheese. I typically have a lot of these items in my pantry, so it was just a matter of grabbing some ground chicken from the store to complete this meal.  We chose chicken instead of beef, as a healthier alternative.


As this is a one-pot recipe, everything will take place in you guessed it — one-pot!  To start, brown your chicken with onion and garlic. Make sure to drain any of the extra juices from the chicken (or beef if that is what you used), as you will be adding in lots of other liquids later.


Next add in beans, tomatoes, spices and stock.  Bring to a simmer.

IMG_7616     IMG_7618

Once the pot is simmering nicely, add in your macaroni.  I chose gluten free macaroni elbows.  Since we have been doing some experimenting with different types of pasta, I have found the the PC brand of gluten free are very tasty, without having a weird texture or consistency.


Let simmer until the pasta is cooked (this will vary by brand), I think mine took 8 mins.  Finally turn off heat, stir in parsley, top with cheese and place lid on until cheese is melted.


Serve while still warm for a delicious take on mac and cheese.  We found it to be delicious!!!


Definitely something I will make again as it was quick, easy and clean up was a breeze!!!


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