Christmas Wreath

So again — its taken a while to get it up, but while I have some time, I thought I’d get to it. I really wanted to try this when I saw it, and it took some time for me to get around to it, but I finally made it in the last week leading up to Christmas.  Here is my rendition of Christmas Ball Wreath.

I realized after I made this pin, that I didn’t take as many step-by-step pictures as I usually do.  But it is kind of a straight-forward pin, so I think it will be fine.

First start by collecting a variety of ornaments, all sizes (small are key to filling in the small gaps)!


Next take off all the tops of the ornaments.  This will help to stick them into the styrofoam wreath, once glued.


Now the rest is easy, but time consuming — very time consuming.  Start anywhere, I suggest with a large ball.  Add glue around the tip, and stick into the styrofoam.  Next I put medium balls around the larger ball, and filled in the gaps with smaller ornaments. When you think you are done, stand back and take a look.  You might have to add some smaller balls here and there.  Glue them onto the other balls to make sure they stay once the wreath is hung.


It took me a while, but when I was done I felt great about it.  It is still hanging on my front door (in mid-Jan).  It was definitely worth all the time and energy I put into it, and this is one that I believe will hold up for years to come.


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