Going Greek

Nothing like a quick toss together, marinate, and bake kind of dinner on a busy week.  I specifically hunted around on Pinterest looking for quick and easy, “healthy” meals. Today I made Greek Marinated Chicken.


Zest the lemon and mix all other ingredients together until it combines into a thick creamy sauce.

IMG_7439     IMG_7442

Throw the chicken into a large freezer bag and pour marinade all over.  Squeeze out as much excess air as possible, and place in the fridge.


The longer you leave it the better — but you should at least let it stand in the marinade for 30 mins.  When you are ready — take it out of marinade and place in roasting pan.


Bake for 30 mins, or until cooked all the way through.  Then plate and enjoy.  The marinade reminded me of chicken souvlaki, and was delicious.  A great, quick, easy meal.  I might try to freeze my chicken in the marinade and see if it makes a good freezer meal too.



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