So I apologize up front that it has taken so long for me to post this blog entry, but I had a very busy week.  No need to get into my personal life here though — all you need to know is that I actually completed my pins this week, and am posting them all now.

My Christmas pin this week is Puffy Paint Window Decorations, or as I call them, Window Clings.  These took me almost all week to complete — not because they were hard — quite the opposite.  Basically I neglected them b/c they were a pain in the ass …but I’ll get to that in a min.

These only take a few supplies, so they seemed pretty easy.


The basic idea is to print off the stencils to trace (found in a link here snowflakes & ornaments).  Then tear a piece of wax paper large enough to cover the stencil.  I used a little piece of tape at the top and bottom to keep the stencil in place.

IMG_7544     IMG_7545

Next, use your puffy paint (I bought fabric paint) and trace stencil.  The original ornament stencil are bare bulbs — I decorated my balls before I traced them.


It is key that you make sure that all lines touch, as when you peel it off later it will not come off a one piece.  Also I found that the thicker the lines, the easier it was to peel it off the wax paper.

IMG_7546     IMG_7549

I had to leave them to dry overnight to properly dry.  When I came back it took me quite some time to peel them off and I became discouraged.  It took me many days returning to them to finally peel them all off and stick them to my window.  The snowflakes were the most frustrating as the thin branches would twist and stick together.


Overall this was not worth my time, or the money I spent on them. Maybe if I used different paint it might have  been easier to peel.  I am just not pleased with the look of them, not when I can spend less money on a set at the store that could be reused over and over.  I fear that these are just a one time use window cling.


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