Weekly Wrap-Up #3

Things are beginning to get busier as the Christmas season is upon us.  This being said, I have discovered that some of my more elaborate Christmas pins take 2 days to finish.  This might happen a couple times, but I’m ok with that.  I have also discovered that it is getting more difficult for me to make the pin and post about it in the same day, with baby and life.  So going forward I am not going to stress about whether I write my blog on the same day as my pin – as long as I get it up soon after.

So here is what I did this week:

Mini Coconut Cookies — these were mostly a big fail.  I tried to do modify the recipe even before making it– and it ended in disaster.  But a learning experience none the less.

Superhero Christmas Ornaments — this was another 2 day pin.  It took almost a full day for the insides of the ornaments to dry — but that gave me time to do other things.  I love the final outcome — but I would definitely do it differently next time.

Spinach Artichoke Chicken — on a day when I knew we were going to be busy I threw the ingredients into the slow cooker and walked away.  This was a great meal — with lots of leftovers.

Sun-dried Tomato Chicken — by far my best recipe so far.  This tasted amazing!  I compared it to the asiago chicken bowties at Jack Astors — only BETTER!  And it wasn’t that hard — just had to buy a few things I don’t normally stock in the house.

Looking to make a few more Christmas items next week.  It is getting pretty busy around here — so keep checking back!


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