Sun-dried Delicious Chicken

I had some extra chicken breasts that needed to be used, so I searched around my pinterest until I found a recipe that looked delicious. This turned out to be Chicken in a Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato sauce, and man can I tell you I was not disappointed!!!  This recipe meant I had to buy some things I normally don’t stock in my house, namely sundried tomatoes and heavy cream, but a quick trip to the store and I was set.


Once again I do not own all the “proper” tools for this recipe, but I made do with a frying pan and roasting pan.  Start off by seasoning chicken, and frying in pan with butter.

IMG_7516     IMG_7517

Once the chicken was seared on both sides (about 5-8 mins), I set it aside in a glass roasting pan.  Next I threw all the remaining ingredients into the frying pan and let it simmer until slightly thick.  The smell wafting off of the pan was mmm mmm good.


When the sauce was a little thicker (although it didn’t really thicken so much as become creamier), I poured it over the chicken and into the oven it went.


Slowly the house began to smell amazing as the chicken finished baking in the oven.  35 mins later I pulled it out, and topped my pasta with a breast, some sun-dried tomato sauce and parmesan cheese.


By far a great use of my leftover chicken.  It reminded me of a meal I often got at Jack Astors (asiago chicken bowties), but mine was better ;).


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