Nostalgia Christmas (Part 2)

Now that my ornaments have dried on the inside, I am able to finish them. First I had to cut out all the logos. I found that it took 2 rounds of printing to make sure they were a decent size, but as I was gluing them on I noticed some were still a bit big.


I think by far the hardest (and most time consuming) part of this pin, was gluing the logos on.  The original blogger used a sticker sheet that she printed onto, but since I had no such thing, I made a glue & water mixture that I painted on.

IMG_7503     IMG_7504

As I glued the logos, they would often slip and slide, which became very aggravating.  If I did this again, I would search out those printable sticker sheets as well.  Also some of the logos were too large, and as I glued them on they would buckle.  Overall though, they turned out pretty darn good, there is only 1 out of 12 that I am disappointed with!


Final step is to spray them with a glossy sealant.  This will hopefully keep the logos on for a year or two ;).


My hubby’s comment when he took a look at them, “Are you going to put logos on both side?”  My answer was a resounding “NO!”  I know that it would make sense to have it on both sides, but it was hard enough with some of the logos to do one side.


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