Nostalgia Christmas (Part 1)

Today I decided to make another item from my Christmas board.  I have been looking at this pin for a while, and was excited to make them.  After reading the original website, I realized that they would take a couple days, so here is Part 1 of Superhero Ornaments.

I was lucky enough to stumble across these clear glass balls on sale (50% off) at Michaels the week before I challenged myself.  First thing I did was pick the superhero/nostaglia 90’s TV show logos.  Then I fiddled with the sizing to make sure they would fit.  Unlike the original blogger who had a sticker sheet to print them on, I only had paper, so I will be attempting to glue them on (in part 2).


For most of the balls I had the colours I needed on hand, but for a few I needed to mix them up.  I was trying to be as accurate as possible with logos and colours. Once I had all the colours mapped out and matched to each ball it was time to paint.  I carefully removed the top from each ornament and poured in a little paint.  Next slowly roll around until the entire ball is coated.

IMG_7481     IMG_7471

At first I kept having to add more paint until they were coated, but as I got more comfortable, I was able to pour an adequate amount and coat within 1 min (roughly 1/4 inch).  Then drain as much paint as possible back into the paint bottle (saving paint for other crafts 🙂 ).


The original blogger had an excellent idea for the next step, which I used and it seemed so simple a thought.  I used an old paper towel roll and cut into 1 inch sections which I set on double paper towel.  Once the balls are drained as much as I could get them, I placed them upside down on the paper towel roll.

IMG_7487     IMG_7482

I let the balls drain to for a couple hours, checking them every once in a while.  Then I flipped them over and set them in the original tray to dry completely.


This is where I leave you until I complete them, in Part 2.


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