Crazy For Coconut .. Cookies

As I looked through my Sweets & Treats board, I came across a recipe my husband sent me eons ago.  While doing a juice cleanse, we would often get emails from the juice blogger Joe Cross.  He had recipes for an endless number of juices, but also healthy treats, meatless meals, and snack alternatives.  My pin today, Mini Coconut Cookies,  was from an email, and links to his website.

This recipe is ridiculously easy and only has 3 ingredients.  I decided to try sprucing it up in a separate batch — so I made 2 different cookies ultimately.  The pic on the left is the original ingredients (as per recipe), the right is my substitutions.

IMG_7451     IMG_7452

First thing — this recipe is for a very small quantity (6), so I doubled it to at least make a dozen.  To begin, you have to melt your coconut oil, I melted enough to make 4 batches (for a total of 24 cookies).  Then add coconut flour and maple syrup (or my substitution of honey).


Mix it up until it looks like dough.  At first while I was mixing I thought it was never going to turn to dough, but as the coconut oil cooled it hardened into a dough-like consistency.


Unfortunately my substituted mix did not work out as well.  It became all crumbly, and didn’t every really mix into this dough-like look.  Also I added my chocolate chips too early and they all melted. Below is what your dough should NOT look like!


Finally roll them into balls and put in the oven.  NOTE:  the original recipe did not mention flattening he balls, so I didn’t.  I know this might seem like something I should just know to do, but there are some recipes out there where the cookie flatten as they bake — and I thought these might.


In saying this, my first batch (the original) turned out as balls.  I learned and I flattened my second batch, but the dough was so crumbly that they didn’t work so well.

IMG_7460     IMG_7462

So they don’t look like much, but the balls actually taste the best of the two.  As my sister-in-law said, they kind of have a sugar cookie taste to them, a little on the sweet side.  Again the coconut flour gives them a different texture, something that I am not a fan of.  The second batch has a molasses-y flavour to them, and if I do say so — they were an overall failure.

So lesson here — try original first before trying to tamper and “improve” a recipe you’ve never made.


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