Getting Ready To Wrap

Since I knew I would be arriving home late, and potentially tired, from the Lions game .. I chose a Pin which I thought would be easier.  From my Christmas board, I made Christmas Button Tags.  Unfortunately I was unable to find a tutorial (not that I needed it, but I like to pass on the details to others), so I found a variety when I used key words Buttons & Tags in the Pinterest Search.


As I poured out the buttons, I was a little disappointed with my selection, but this was the only bag they had at the store.  I plan on going back and looking for more colours to make different tags, more colourful ones!!  I sat for a few mins and made some designs, ensuring I liked what I had before I glued them down.


Once glued .. I added some sayings.

IMG_7429     IMG_7431

And finally some twine to attach to gifts.


Voila — 10 slightly different tags.  I only wish I had better writing .. I feel like I ruined some of the tags with the printing or writing I chose :(.

IMG_7433     IMG_7434


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