Turkeybowl 2014

So I know I’m late … really late in posting these past few days, but I have good reason.  It’s become tradition for us to head to Detroit every American Thanksgiving for the Lions Turkeybowl game.  So this past Thursday we bundled up our little guy and dropped him off at Grandma’s before we hit the road to the Big D.

Now I fully intended on bringing a “simple” limited material pin with me … but I completely left those limited supplies on my desk.  This being said, I just sat back, enjoyed the ride and an amazing game.  Go Lions!!!  Here’s a pic of the group of us from this year … 8 of us, but 2 were Cubs ** Bears  fans (boo)! **(as my hubby pointed out I named the wrong Chicago team .. I meant Bears (football), not Cubs (baseball) –oops!

Turkeybowl 2014

It turned out to be a GREAT game … A sweet win for the Lions!!

1454692_10152548154181247_5553596669970604690_nMe and my hubby at the game!


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