All Natural Nutty Goodness

Well its Monday again .. and that means another delicious treat from my Sweets & Treats board to get us through the week.  Today I chose Peanut Butter & Honey Cookies. To be honest I have been craving peanut butter cookies for a while, and it was getting pretty expensive purchasing them from Tim Hortons.  So I decided that I would give it a try.

I liked this recipe as it was gluten free, and simple enough.  I could have just used the brown rice flour I always use, but I decided to follow the recipe and use coconut flour.  So off to Bulk Barn to grab some.


As this recipe uses both coconut oil and coconut flour, I would rename it to Peanut Butter & Coconut Cookies. Since it isn’t my recipe though, I will just forewarn that they have a coconutty taste.  Step one is to melt coconut oil, pb and honey enough to mix easily.  I was scraping the bottom of my all natural pb, which means a little on the dry side — so I had to heat it a little longer than the recipe suggested.  Once warm — it was easy to mix smoothly together.

IMG_7354     IMG_7355

Next we mix everything together, wet with wet and then add dry.


Roll your dough into balls and spread out on pan.  Then flatten with fork. Now I like my peanut butter cookies to be a little fatter and softer than most.  So I didn’t flatten them too much.  I also hate when they are so flat that when baking they burn quickly or become rock hard.  While flattening them, I had to wipe the fork between each cookie, because if I didn’t it would stick to the cookie and take a bunch of dough with it when I lifted it off.

IMG_7360     IMG_7363

Throw them in the oven and you have just enough time to do the dishes from baking. I was pretty paranoid that I was going to burn them, so I checked them a lot — looking into the oven every 2 mins to see whether they were browning yet.  Once they were browned around the edges I took them out.


After they cooled, I tasted my treat.  They turned out pretty good, although they still don’t compare to the Tim Horton’s cookies.  As I mentioned above, the coconut flour gives them a different consistency and taste than your average peanut butter cookie.  Overall a great cookie to at least quench my craving.


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