Breakin’ Out The Slow Cooker

Today I searched way back on my Recipes page to get an oldie but goodie — Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken.  As I knew I was going to be at the dentist all morning, root canal, I figured I would want a simple Pinterest job for today.  Nothing is simpler than a slow cooker meal … especially one with 5 ingredients.


As with most slow cooker recipes, it’s all about tossing it in and letting it be, at least for a few hours.  I have always had a tough time with slow cookers, not knowing how to use them, but the idea of leaving it on.  I especially can’t have peace of mind when I leave the house with the slow cooker on.  My friend once told me to put the slow cooker on the oven, and plug it into the oven outlet.  That way if somethings happened, a shortage ,or fire — it would all be contained.  Unfortunately in our new home, we have an old school gas stovetop, so this lovely little hint doesn’t work. 😦


For this recipe I have found that cooking for 6 hrs is the best time.  I have tried to rush it in the past, but it never turns out as good as when it has simmered longer.  Also the longer you leave it, the easier it is to pull the chicken apart, which is by far the part I dislike the most. Using 2 forks you pull and tear at the chicken.  If it has been in the slow cooker for about 5 hours, I find it the easiest to pull .. but trying beforehand leads to frustration!

IMG_7337     IMG_7338

Once pulled apart, I let is stand for another 30-45 mins before eating in the slow cooker.  This allows for the juices to get all over the chicken!  I love eating it over rice, but my hubby is all about the quinoa.


Mmmmm Mmmm good.  A delicious mexican style dish, which also makes GREAT leftovers!


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