And On the Menu Tonight …

Today I decided to make a dinner for my Pinterest challenge.  I’m not going to lie, I have already made this dish before (although I made it as a freezer meal last time). Originally, I found this recipe as part of my hubby’s recent dietary requests — chicken or fish only for a month or so.  Tonights menu: Honey Lime Tilapia.  I like this recipe as it is fairly easy with only a few ingredients.  The part that takes the longest is the marinating time (which I forgot about, and this threw a monkey wrench into my dinner timing – oh well).

I bought fresh tilapia, on sale, otherwise I would have used frozen, which this recipe can be tailored towards (another plus side).  The recipe calls for 4 fillets, but as mine were fresh they were extremely large, so I only used 2.  I actually had 4 fillets, but I divided them up, and doubled the marinate to freeze for another night ;).


Like I said fairly simple recipe, mix everything but the flour together to make your marinate.  The hardest part was zesting the lime b/c I actually don’t own a proper zester, and instead use my smallest cheese grater.  Whatever, sometimes you work with what you got!  I was able to use the same lime I zested to squeeze out more than enough juice for the marinate.

IMG_7251     IMG_7265

Then I threw everything else in the bowl, whipped it up and poured it into a freezer bag over the fish.  I threw it into the fridge to marinate for about an hour and did dishes in my spare time.


Before I took the fish out of the fridge, I made my flour mix for dredging and oiled my pan.    From fridge to plate takes all of 5-8 mins, so I had to make sure that the rest of my meal was ready to go.  Once the oil was hot, I took fillet from bag, dredged through brown rice flour (gluten free), and threw in the pan.  Let it sizzle away for 3-5 mins, and flip for another 3 mins.

IMG_7271     IMG_7272

IMG_7273     IMG_7276

You know it is ready when nice and golden brown, and the fish is flaky when touched with fork.


Then it is all about plating and enjoying.  Squeeze a slice of lime over the fish, and enjoy with quinoa.  My hubby really enjoys this meal, light and delicious!  Definitely a hit in this house.



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