Scrabble Anyone?!?

So today I decided I would try one of my many pinned crafts.  I have really liked the DIY Scrabble Tile Coasters that I have seen popping up from time to time on Pinterest.  So as my first craft, I thought why not give these a shot.  Over the weekend I sat for countless hours writing out the words I wanted to put together, the categories, and counting how many letters I would need.  When I sat down today I felt pretty good, but things did not go as smoothly as I had anticipated.  Even with what I thought to be my thorough prep, I didn’t have enough letters to make all the words I wanted, which meant I have to head out and get some more tiles.  Also I completely forgot to buy a sealer spray, something to keep them from getting ruined after use — I picked that up too while I was out.

Here is my day of pinning.  The making of my DIY Scrabble Tile Coasters, as found on my Crafts board.

After ensuring that I actually had everything I needed, I cleared off the table and set out to make my words.  I decided to make 2 of each theme:  wine, cocktails, beer, coffee/tea.  I had a few leftover letters so I was able to make 2 more, a combination of wine and cozy lounging words.

IMG_7235     IMG_7237

I think the most time consuming part of this entire craft was forming all the word tiles, making sure I had enough letters, etc.  I probably spent hours putting my words together, rearranging word order, finding new words because I used all the “m” or “p” tiles.  I think the reason I got so frustrated was because I had already spent hours on the weekend making my lists, but now when it was crunch time I had overlooked my limited amount of letters (even with the new scrabbles tiles I picked up today).  Eventually it was time to put tiles to cork.

IMG_7239    IMG_7243

I placed the tiles on the cork, and drew a line around the edges so I knew where to put my glue.  After reading the original authors page, I took the advice of smearing glue on the cork, and laying the tiles on the glued surface.  This allowed for movement of tiles, if they were slightly off.  This was a tedious part of the job, but I felt a sense of accomplishment as I saw them coming together.

I got to take a break for a while, as I left them to dry (under a stack of heavy books).  Next I got out my x acto knife and cut out my coasters.  I made sure to use some old cardboard under the cork, so I didn’t scour my table at the same time 😉


Finally I took them outside, well into my garage (as it is snowing here) and sprayed them with a sealant spray.   Finished product looks great.  My plan for these is to package 2 together and gift them to a few people based on their drink preferences.


Except for the frustration of finding words to match my limited letters, I found this craft to be fun.  This would definitely be one that I would be willing to make and sell to others.  Any takers?  Send me your word lists and I’ll see what I can do!!!


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