Ready … Set … Well Almost

So this weekend my mini-goal was to go through all my bins, bags and stacks of things I’ve bought over the past year for Pinterest crafts.  What I noticed as I pulled things from boxes, bags, bins and various rooms of my house, was that I didn’t really have enough to make a single thing.  I had bits and pieces to multiple crafts, but was often missing 1 or 2 items that would stop me from actually finishing them.  I decided that if I was going to tackle some of these things this week I needed to get more organized. I spent a few hours going over my Pinterest boards and selecting jobs that I want to accomplish in the next couple weeks.  Next I sat and made a list of items I still needed to grab, and where I might be able to purchase said items. We went out for a couple hours today, and I ran into a few stores with my list, and hopefully I got it all.  Finally, I set all the items I have out on my desk as visual incentive!


Everything I managed to find — there are about 10-15 different crafts in there somewhere

Seeing everything set out put things into perspective for me.  With just a glance at my desk I can see the crafts I intend on making.

This is actually 2 different crafts!

This is actually 3 different Christmas crafts!

Something I've had for almost a year -- and I am still missing some paint colours!!

Something I’ve had for almost a year — and I am still missing some paint colours!!

Now that I have spent this weekend preparing my craft and kitchen items, I look forward to what this week brings.  I’ve made a rough list of what I plan on making this week, and on which days — so keep checking back or click the follow button to join me on my journey!  Here’s to being creative, healthy and kicking that damn boredom to the curb 🙂


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