Too organized for my own good

Shortly after I created this blog, I started thinking about where to begin. Then I started over thinking and over organizing, which is something I tend to do. I have a tendency to jump ahead of myself, sometimes by leaps and bounds. It isn’t enough to just be organized by having all the materials I need for 1 task. I am the sort of person who might try to prepare for the next 5 tasks, but in doing so I loose sight of what I was initially doing. This often leads to me forgetting key items, which means I am back at square one, kind of like that analogy – 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

Months ago when I starting pinning craft ideas on Pinterest, I started collecting the materials I might need to create such things. But as typically happens, I never got around to it, not a single one. We moved a couple times, and all those items moved with us, but nothing more happened with them. Once we settled into our current home, I tried again to get myself organized. I went out and bought a 5-drawer organizer shelf, and filled it with all the items I’ve collected. That was about as far as I got.

Just a few week ago I had another one of these flash of inspirations. Having a baby means I’m on maternity leave, which in turn means I should have lots of free time. In a way I do have a lot of free time, although I tend to not use it so wisely, but that is another post. It also means money is a little tighter, and should be spent accordingly. With the holidays around the corner, I had the “bright idea” that I would head to Pinterest and look for things I could make to give to people. And while I was at it, why not look for some things I could create to decorate and spruce up the new place, right?!? This lead me on a a shopping spree of sorts, hitting up 5 different thrift stores. Needless to say, I once again started something but never finished, as the remnants of this inspirational session are still scattered across my desk.

And if that wasn’t enough — following my blog post yesterday, my brain went into overdrive once more. Where should I begin? What crafts can I undertake? What gifts can I start? These questions sent me back to my boards and out to a few stores today. I probably bought items for 4 or 5 different jobs, but I have a nagging feeling that when I sit down to start one (on Monday) I’ll be missing something.

So it seems, sometimes my obsession with being organized, making lists, and collecting ‘everything’ actually is a burden. My goal this weekend, before I start my challenge, is to go through my bins, drawers and bags of collected goods and see what I have. Hopefully this will put things into perspective for me, and get me on track.


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