I challenge … Me!

We all have the good intentions after we pin, whether it’s a craft, recipe, new workout regime, or organizational strategy. Chances are though you are like me, except for a few lucky recipes, the odd craft or refreshing body scrub, most of your pins are left neatly organized just the way you pinned them months earlier. Of course we never planned it this way. No no. We all had every intention of getting back to that holiday board full of new Christmas ideas to give our home a fresh new look this year. But as the days tick by, so to does the opportunity to get that new look and soon enough it all gets put off until next season, or when we have more time. It is so easy to procrastinate. Lord knows we do it with the important things in life, studying for that big exam, getting a job done before the looming deadline, or whatever consumes your life, so why not these wonderful Pinterest ideas/creations?!? With the convenience of the Internet at our fingertips we spend endless hours sitting on our asses looking at screens, and before we know it the day is gone.

I know this all too well since being on maternity leave. I spend hours on the couch with my favourite friend Netflix and completely loose my days. Sure I get up every once in while, get inspired by a few things, but rarely do I follow through. It’s much easier to veg out in my sweats on the couch with my baby. This has often lead to boredom and depressing thoughts of how I wasted yet another day, and what am I doing with myself?
This all changed recently when my husband requested that we alter our diet. Of course my first thought was to hit the Pinterest boards to see what recipes I could find that would fit our new diet. Over the course of the past 2 weeks I have knocked out an alarming amount of recipes from Pinterest, and with great success. Not only do they taste delicious, and hats off to all those who posted the originals, but it has motivated me off the cozy couch and into my kitchen.

So I am challenging myself. I am going to attempt a pin a day (weekday) in hopes of getting through my current boards, and to motivate myself further. I had always hoped of starting a side business of creating all the neat diy knick-knacks that people like but never have the time to do and would rather just buy. Sure I’ll take the time to make it, if there is a market out there to buy it, and I believe that etsy is a great example that the market is there.
But that is me getting ahead of myself, which I always do, right now I need to just focus on 1 pin a day, see how far I get and how they turn out. My idea of a pin a day could be anything from food, to craft, to workout, to anything under the sun. If it’s on my boards, and I can make it, or do it to further my health, than I am game!


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